Dancing Princess Fairies

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~ I Saw A Fairy Princess Dance ~

I saw a fairy princess dance
Oh how I love to dream of fairies can you imagine my delight?
I saw a real fairy in the forest just last night
she stepped into a clearing with a certain kind of ease
as if one with nature she floated with the breeze

higher higher ever higher reaching to the sky
then slowly drifting down as the wind began to sigh
at once she crossed the clearing such gracious leaps and bounds
her music was a symphony all the forest sounds

creatures from near and far became her dancing troop
a single moonbeam shinning on leader of the group
she twirled in a corner and awoke the fallen leaves
they whirled all about her underneath the trees

frenzy gripped the clearing mad abandon everywhere
it seemed that all of nature was celebrating there
suddenly silence...a soloist began his song
and the fairy moved as if to sing along

music and dance in a union so complete
the voice of the songbird came from the fairy's feet
everywhere she touched ground new life began to stir
soon a path of flowers began to follow her

she was caressed by that moonbeam till the light of dawn
when the first ray hit the ground that instant she was gone
now the sun and moon were hand in hand
both were shinning too, everywhere a golden glow

with moon beams twinkling thru
she left behind a field of flowers where before the earth was bare
I wondered if that fairy ever knew that I was there
was it the answer to my dream? or just by chance

I saw a fairy princess dance
Copyright Frank McNie
Used with permission from the author


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