Angels From Heaven


Featured Music: "The Bard Dance"

~We've never had to look far to find our angels.
Angels have never really been out of reach.
We can always discover angels from the inside-out,
Because it is the angel inside us who can
Point the way to all our other angels.~

And we cried unto the Lord, he heard our voice,
and sent an angel, and hath brought us forth...
Numbers 20:16

The Angels see us in God's reflection.
They see the mark of their own maker.

Sometimes hope seems as unreal as the
angel beside you. But both are there.

Angels are our tireless cheerleaders
and offer us steadfast support.

~Angels guide us to become spiritual people.
For the pleasure of it, not for its moralism,
Because the spiritual life itself has a great deal
Of beauty and real satisfaction, even pleasure.
And this is what the soul needs.~
Thomas Moore

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