Angels of Love and Light

Featured Music: "The Message"

"We are neither the light nor the message, we are the messengers...
The message is love."

The Seven Rays of Enlightenment

The Archangelic realm bathes the earth in light and love. The Archangels
are male and the Archeiai are their female complement.

Sapphire Blue Ray - Power and faith
Michael and Faith

Gold Ray - Illumination and Wisdom
Jephiel and Christine

Pink Ray - Adoration and Love
Chamuel and Charity

White Ray - Annunciation, Ressurection and Visitation
Gabriel and Hope

Emerald Green Ray - Concentration and Healing
Raphael and Mary

Ruby Ray - Devotion, Ministering and Peace
Uriel and Aurora

Violet Ray - Invocation and Freedom
Zedkiel and Amethyst

"Love is the light and energy of God, and the energy that runs the Universe."

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