Incognito mode does not provide the privacy that internet users expect. Google could be in serious trouble

Revealed correspondence from Google employees proves that the US giant has known since 2018 about the low usefulness of incognito mode in the Chrome browser. This is a major scandal that could end up not only in image problems for Google, but also financially. What is incognito mode? Incognito mode is a feature in the Chrome browser that purports to provide users with online anonymity and ensure that no unauthorised person can see the content they are browsing online. The

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CMS – what is it and why has it become so popular?

Over the years, the Internet has become very popular not only for communication, but also for commerce. Virtually every company wishing to attract a larger group of customers already decides to set up a company website. After all, it is an excellent way of increasing the audience and making more money. Today’s websites are mostly no longer written in code, which has significantly increased their price. Nowadays, CMS systems are most commonly used, which are much more efficient in creating

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How do you maintain a company profile on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a platform that brings together employees from a wide range of industries, whether they are lower-level employees, managers or business owners. Not only does it allow you to establish business relationships, but it can also serve as a place to promote your company’s activities online. For this reason, it is worth setting up a company profile on LinkedIn. However, in order to gain a wider customer base through LinkedIn, it must be managed in the right way. What

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