CMS – what is it and why has it become so popular?

Over the years, the Internet has become very popular not only for communication, but also for commerce. Virtually every company wishing to attract a larger group of customers already decides to set up a company website. After all, it is an excellent way of increasing the audience and making more money. Today’s websites are mostly no longer written in code, which has significantly increased their price. Nowadays, CMS systems are most commonly used, which are much more efficient in creating a website and guaranteeing its controllability.

What exactly is a CMS?

CMS – content management system. It is a type of software that enables websites to be created graphically and also offers the possibility of efficient editing and management. A definite advantage of such a solution is the ability to modify the content even while the website is online.

All CMS systems are designed to replace the classic methods of creating websites. Up to now, we have primarily been familiar with HTML and the CSS file linked to it. Admittedly, this method is somewhat outdated and hardly any companies choose to write their website codes from scratch any more. Nevertheless, it is on these two languages that every content management system is based. The graphical execution of a page also generates code, which can be viewed at virtually any time. Of course, you must have the rights to edit the content on the site.

Types of CMS

There are two main varieties of content management systems. The first is the open-source, which is well known to everyone. This is a type of open-source software that allows free use by all users. Thanks to the presence of this type of system, there are entities that look after and regularly develop the programme in the form of updates. What’s more, users create page templates themselves and upload them to the web to use when doing their own design. An example of such a system is PrestaShop or WordPress, which is popular among online shops. It is characterised by an excellent and clear control panel and no problems in creating a website. In addition, there are companies offering direct hosting and Prestashop support, exclusively for sites created using this software.

The second type is proprietary systems. This is a much more expensive solution and requires specific specialists. It allows the implementation of such functions concerning the editing of the page that the client only dreams of.

Sequence of building a website with the use of CMS

At the very beginning, it is worth buying a domain and a server. Many people may say that this should be done last. In the case of websites written in code, yes – in this situation, not necessarily. It is useful to have a complete overview of the progress of the site. Only after purchasing the domain do we install the CMS software we are interested in and configure it accordingly.

At the very end, we only make the current changes and edit the content already present on the template.

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