Why buy a refurbished smartphone?

Refurbished smartphones are attracting increasing interest on the Polish market. The reason is obvious: a much lower price compared to brand new devices. Today, no one is surprised that a decent medium-sized device costs up to GBP 600, yet not everyone can afford such an expense. Why else should you consider buying a refurbished smartphone?

You can find a gem

The category of refurbished smartphones is very wide and it is difficult to create a precise definition of such devices. All because the offers of shops, operators or private sellers include phones in acceptable condition as well as practically new ones. You may be lucky and end up with the latter, which should of course be evident from the item description.

Defects only visual

Refurbished smartphones are fully functional, working devices with no bugs and cleaned memory. The only visible difference from a brand-new phone comes down to the case, which may have scratches, cracks or cavities.

However, this does not mean that the rest of the phone is in factory condition. Refurbished smartphones also include parts that have had the battery or display replaced.

Thorough check of the phone before sale

The advantage of refurbished smartphones is that the retailer cannot afford to send a non-functioning junk to the customer – this would be too expensive. Therefore, each phone is thoroughly checked by technicians before sale and, if necessary, key components are replaced.

You do not pay for the “novelty effect”

Let us be under no illusion: when buying a new smartphone model, we are significantly overpaying for the fact that we are dealing with a market premiere. From an economic point of view, it is therefore more sensible to buy, for example, a six-month-old used and refurbished unit, which can cost, for example, half the original price.

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